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Cornerback Patrick Peterson, after a decade with the Arizona Cardinals, is now a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He signed a one-year contract with them after he hit free agency.San Diego Padres Face Masks

“Am I mad about the celebrations and the bat flips and all that stuff?” he asked. “No. however, if you start looking at signs, if you start pulling this bush league stuff, that's when people get pissed off. Baseball policing itself, this is where it would happen … there’s no rule that says you can’t look back … there’s no rule that says I can’t stick a fastball in your ribs. And that's kind of how it's been handled traditionally in baseball up until this point.”Cleveland Indians Face Masks

The cumulative effect put the power brokers within sports on notice: Do you stand with us?

That is, always, the goal of anyone on the mound: Try to be good more than you are bad. Make your best pitches when the game is on the line. Get results first. Look good doing it if you can.New York Yankees Face Masks

DeGrom is the best pitcher I’ve seen since (Doc) Gooden in ’85. I was there; I covered Doc that year. He was only 20 and other-worldly. But deGrom is still improving at age 32. Remarkable.

"We really determined that this work has to be always on. It couldn't be that social justice was something that only came around at only one particular time of year, but it really had to be 365 days a year," she said. "We really wanted to make sure that everyone throughout the organization was accountable to this work, and that it became who we are in our culture."
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